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Established in 1984, Good Architecture is primarily engaged in the design of the private American House. Directed by Wayne L. Good, FAIA, the firm's work is guided by a profound belief in the dynamic and enduring qualities of traditional and classically inspired residential architecture as a basis for contemporary design. Focused mainly in Annapolis and Maryland's Eastern Shore, each project contributes to the firm's quest to understand the unique characteristics that distinguish the American house from all others. Often asked to build on sites with historic significance, the firm's architecture is characterized by a strong connection to place and a distinct dialogue with history. Mr. Good's houses are widely recognized for the skill with which he composes each client's unique vision into an exquisite architectural portrait of their personal dreams, memories, personality, and spirit of place. Although there is a common qualitative thread that runs through the firm's work, it is the obvious lack of a pronounced 'signature style' in the outward appearance of each project which reflects most clearly the individuality of each client and the broad diversity characteristic of American culture.


Mr. Good's approach to residential architecture is based on the idea that it is better to be good than to be original. Although a passionate observer of the contemporary architectural scene, he believes strongly that the "cult of novelty" is pervasive within the profession and ultimately is the "mother of mediocrity". Through a process of reflective interpretation of familiar forms, context, and local culture as guided by the client's brief, the firm's architecture is informed with an enduring quality of domestic repose. His work demonstrates that architectural excellence can be achieved with less iconoclastic ideals than those aspired to by the trend followers. As a result, the firm's work has been honored with over sixty local, regional, and national design awards, and has been widely published in regional and national media.


Love Where You Live

If it's worth doing, its worth doing well


Contrary to the mythical image of the “artiste” architect, we at Good Architecture are not fussy about the particular style of architecture that tickles one’s fancy because we love all architecture. Indeed, over the years, our work has nearly covered the history of architecture in terms of stylistic diversity. What we are most passionately fussy about, however, is a commitment to quality―doing it well and doing it appropriately. The ancient Greeks had a saying “vita brevis, ars longa”―life is short, art is long. Indeed, the ephemerality of our lives becomes all too clear as each year goes by while the strength of our convictions not only to leave our environment more beautiful than we found it but also to build well grows. If as Winston Churchill once observed, “we make our buildings and then our buildings make us,” what does it mean that Americans are all too often willing to accept the cheap plastic imitations of virtually everything. While our work speaks in the familiar language of history and tradition, we also strive with our buildings to say something new and meaningful to our own time and circumstance. Our houses have always drawn upon old-world elegance and the comforts of familiarity subtly mixed with modern sophistication. When you think about the way we live today, it’s a natural combination―we may drive the latest Porsche, BMW, or Mercedes, or wear Prada, but we still carry with us the genetics of our ancestry and the memories of our lives. This all combines to make us who we are, and our houses should be a masterfully tasteful and lasting reflection of our having passed through this place.

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